SEA RELATED ANTIQUES

Sea and VOC related antiques, collectables, (war) memorabilia and vintage nautical objects. Instruments related to navigation, survey, distance, pressure, diving, war, speed, etc.

SHOP: Oude Koornmarkt 50, Antwerpen, Belgium, (near Cathedral). Stores: Pallasstraat 26, 5048 CJ Tilburg, Netherlands

Opening shop Antwerp: Friday's and Saturday's

Other weekdays: upon request by telephone +31 653 170501

Due to Covid 19 restrictions opening times shop might be different. Pls check in advance by calling: +31653 170501

Video VOC bell:

Video safes:

E-mail: [email protected]

facebook: lmjvandervalk

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This page a.o: a number of ship's telegraphs, single and double propulsion, various bronze VOC cannons, Russian submarine clock, Salt glazed Bartmannkrug, circa 1700, 250 year old antique safe's, wooden figurehead, Siebe diving pump, VOC Bell, 100 kg plus, Panorama painting 5,6 x 3 mtr