Sea and VOC related antiques, collectables, (war) memorabilia and vintage nautical objects. Instruments related to navigation, survey, distance, pressure, diving, war, speed, etc. SHOP: Oude Koornmarkt 50, Antwerpen, Belgium, (near Cathedral).Warehouse and private museum: Pallasstraat 26, 5048 CJ Tilburg, Netherlands

Next opening shop Antwerp: August 16 & 17 and August 
30 & 31, 2019
For private appointments in Tilburg:    pls  call: +31 653 170501

Video VOC bell:
Video safes:
Special appointments in  private MUSEUM, Tilburg, Netherlands) mail:
facebook: lmjvandervalk
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This page: a number of  antique ship's telegraphs, single and double propulsion,  17th century VOC handgun, VOC bell, 100 kg+, bronze VOC cannon, Russian submarine clock, 5 days winding, Salt glazed Bartmannkrug, circa 1700,  250 year old antique safe's, wooden figurehead, old rudder, diving pump, half cut canoe's


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